Our School's Goal

“LKMHSS” believes that parental support is integral to the success of each of our students. Their participation in their students education process is always encouraged.

“Learning is possible only in the mirror of relationship and not in isolation. Our objective is teachers here should continuously work on creating relationships, dialogues, atmosphere of learning while through mature, affectionate and stable mentoring”.

  • We strike a good balance between academic and extra-curricular activities.
  • We teach the important values of life like honesty, humility and humanity.
  • We make the students dream big and strive to achieve their highest potential.


Building a Community of Lifelong Learners

It objectifies the personal worth of the children, their welfare and achievement of their own potentials


Empowering Students to Become Scholars.

Our school aims at 100% academic excellence to all children, irrespective of parental support.


Discovering the Power within the Children

Encouragement in participation with co and extra curricular activities, is the specific goal.


Advancing the Perfect Atmosphere to Learn

It aims at creating a safe and conducive learning environment in the classroom.