In our School, students can perform research, experiments or even learn new things with the help of lab facilities for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science, helping students to remember the studies in a better way by conducting their own experiments, and first-hand experience by offering better opportunities for learning.

Smart Class

In smart classrooms, the students engage with the curriculum via animations and videos. Using advanced smart class technical instruments, teachers can quickly analyze and measure the students’ progress and success. Classes equipped with advanced features of all equipment forms, that saves time, and gives easy access to online resources.


The library at LKMHSS plays a major part of the lives of students, serving as a storehouse of information. We offer students and teachers books that they can enjoy, thus inspiring students to read more. As students develop, libraries offer quiet spaces for them to focus on their studies, as well as assistance with the web.


Our well-designed Auditorium is a central space used for all types of formal assembly like lectures, annual award ceremonies, dance competitions held in our school. Many students are introduced to performing arts in this program, and we strive to provide them with a highly efficient, artistically flexible, easy-to-use, and satisfying experience.

Play Ground

Our School is not only tasked to prepare kids for their future careers but also teach them essential life skills, attitudes, and habits that may help them overcome adulthood challenges. To achieve this objective, we think beyond the classroom and incorporate outdoor play into the curriculum that is good for physical, emotional, and intellectual development.


Well planned with good architectural features, and good ventilation in all the classrooms. The school’s ambience is calm, spacious with good amenities and utilities in a visually appealing landscape, with enough lighting, useful facilities such as libraries, washrooms, sinks, multipurpose rooms, work areas, storage spaces, etc

Transport Facilities

The LKMHS is providing a completely facilitated bus services covering the entire city of Orathanadu with different stops at regular and punctual time intervals for picking up students and teachers. Our School buses are spacious with a required capacity to accommodate students. The parents who want to send their children to school by school bus should apply for it at the beginning of the academic year.