Co-curricular Activities

At LKMHS School, several co-curricular activities like Kung-fu, Silambam, Yoga, Classical Dance, Vocals, Arts & Crafts, are taught and students are made to perform them on special occasions. According to their classes, various competitions like Creative Art, Essay Writing & Elocution are held on National Events like Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day. Everyday classroom activities like reading, group discussions, laboratory activities etc, enables students, sharpen their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation, and sense of belongingness through debates, and recitation. Our school also enables students to learn about cultural events including national and traditional events from different faiths, so as to get them to learn through books as well as co-curricular activities based on different cultures.

Attaining the Achievements


Kung-fu, the unarmed Martial Art resembling Karate, requires patience, energy, and time to complete, referring to any discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice.

Attempting the Absurd


Through Silambam practices, we provide our students a foundation for fighting, and preparatory body conditioning, by improving flexibility, agility, kinesthetic awareness, and muscular stamina.

Bringing Health and Happiness


Teaching yoga at school helps our students feel better and improve their grades. Breathing, yoga-based movement, and mindful meditation bring their attention to the present moment and prepare them for better learnin

Creating a Chance to Dance


At LKMHSS, we attempt to teach Bharatanatyam, helmed by revered Gurus, who sees teaching the aspirants as the art, intricacies of mudras and ensuring a realistic portrayal transcending all barriers.

Staying Connected to Music

Vocal Music

Each program is designed to allow versalite students with the skill, desire, and commitment to become involved in multiple performing vocal ensembles and it is common to be in both instrumental and vocal groups.

Staying Connected to Music


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